Nicki Minaj's Hubby in Legal Trouble!

10 March 2020
Mr. Petty in hot water.

Nicki Minaj has a lot on her hands. 

The rapper, who recently thrilled her legions of fans with her latest single, the confident Yikes, is holding the hand of her husband, Kenneth Petty, over the nightmare of his legal woes. According to HipHopDX.com, the 41 year old has reportedly been registered as a sex offender in the state of Carlifornia, US. 

The news come just days after Petty was allegedly arrested for having failed to resiter himself as such in the state. According to reports, he appeared in court on March 7th. 


Various sources have reported that although the charges were dropped in Los Angeles County, he still faces federal charges for the same offense,

The arrest reportedly resulted from Petty failing to register as a sex offender in Caliofnia after relocating there in July 2019. In 1995, Kenneth Petty was convicted of a first degree sex offense at the age of 16. 

Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj continues disabling comments on the Instagram posts that feature her husband. Minaj is focusing on the promotion of her latest single ahead of her looming era, which follows her successful season of her fourth solo studion album, Queen. 

The platinum album spawned a slew of hits, including Chun Li, Bed with Ariana Grande, as well as Good Form

Photo Credit: Getty Images