Kendrick Lamar and SZA are being sued

21 February 2018

Kendrick Lamar and SZA's All The Stars music video left fans enchanted with its surreal utopian visuals and a mind-blowing portrayal of an African aesthetic when it came out earlier this month. The music video shot to the top of YouTube's Trending list, totting up nearly 30 million views in two weeks. 

But now the artists, who released the Black Panther soundtrack just weeks leading up to the movie's box office smashing premiere last week, are being sued by Lina Iris Viktor for copyright violations. 

The British-Liberian artist claims that her Constellations artwork was used in the music video without her greenlight, Pitchfork has reported. She's also saying that her lawyers had previously made attempts to alert Anthony Tiffith (Top Dawg Entertainment CEO) about the violation, to no avail. 

And what would have ended with a minimum public apology for failure to credit her work is now a full-blown lawsuit in which Lina wants Kendrick to be prevented from using her artwork in promoting his song, as well as damages for the whole thing. 

Here's hoping all the parties work it out. It's a pretty great video! Have you seen it?

Photo Credit: Getty Images