Kanye West Readies Highly Anticipated Album

26 September 2019
Ye turns a new leaf in new catalogue

Kanye West recently announced a new album, and the name is not Yhandi, as previously believed. After a year of several shifts that eventually led to a name change,  'Jesus Is King' is the album title West went for, further fuelling talk of his spiritual journey being at the centre of his new album. The album is slated for release on Friday, July 26, which fans hope will be the final release date. 

Kanye West first announced the album mid way through 2018, which happened just months after he released five albums on which he enjoyed writing credits. Fans were elated about Yhandi, which was a creative play on the words Ye and Ghandi. Since then, the album has undergone as many changes as you can imagine. 

But all seemed to have been finished last week when Ye announced the release date during a church service. The 12 track project is expected to reflect Kanye's new creative direction, as the rapper continues hosting his own quasi-church services, while also occassionally drawing massive attention while attending church. 


Photo Credit: Getty Images