Kanye West faces backlash

03 May 2018

His return to Twitter was welcomed with open arms as Kanye West splayed seeds of beautiful insight all over his once famously ghosted Twitter timeline.

But it wasn't long before the Hip Hop mogul's triumphant return to the world of tweeting started sparking some backlash, what with 'Ye's continued politically charged rants trickling down in between previews on his work, links to unfinished tracks from his forthcoming album, leaks of private chat messages between him and high profile names and, sigh, everything in between.

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And while 'Ye has straddled expression of free thought and controversy throughout the years, his latest utterances about slavery having been a choice might top everything he has done before. That's not a light list!

Once called 'a jack***' by for POTUS Barack Obama following his infamous Taylor Swift award snatching saga, the Yeezy designer has become synonymous with being "a wild card", as he calls himself in a new interview with Charmalagne.