J Cole's Next Album Could Be his Last

12 May 2021
Rapper J Cole has premiered his much talked about documentary
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J Cole recently ended his hiatus from the scene and thrilled fans with the announcement of his sixth studio album. Entitled 'The Fall Off', the project is slated for release on Friday, May 14th. Not long after, the 36 year old rapper followed the announcement with news of a looming documentary feature. As much as this much buzz around Cole's new era is exciting, fans could be witnessing the last leg of his professional career as a performing studio artist. 

On Tuesday, 11 May, Cole graced the cover of SLAM Magazine, becoming the first artist to be featured solo on the publication's cover. During the interview, the Forrest Hills Drive hitmaker revealed that he's thinking about the right time of marking his departure from the game. And with the release of The Fall Of edging closer with each day, there's an off-chance that this could be the right season for J Cole to retreat from the radar and start a new chapter of his life. 

The thought first hit him after the release of Forest Hills Drive in 2014. "It was after I got off tour and I could breathe. I was like, Damn.” Cole’s shoulders slouch as he relives the feeling of relief and relaxation. “For the first time, I felt comfortable in a good way. I allowed myself to just chill, watch TV, play video games", he said. However, he started writing again during the break. 

While nothing is concrete yes, Cole explained that if he never did another album again, he'd be alright with that. 

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