Fifi Cooper's Take Me Back album is here

22 August 2018
The Motswako rapper makes a victorious come back in her latest project
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It's been a while since Fifi Cooper has had the chance to grab headlines solely for her work. Despite being one of the country's most successful rappers, the 26-year-old hitmaker had to retreat from the spotlight to fight and defend her craft and catalogue. It all happened in a span of about two years; and it began when she decided to exit former record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment. To summarise that whole chapter of her life, she left and they weren't having it. A legal battle ensued. She lost. 

This meant she couldn't really perform any of the recorded while still at Ambitiouz. That accounts for her entire catalogue. She was also ordered to settle the music entity's legal bill. For fans, it seemed nothing on the horizon could liberate her from the throes of this massive setback. 

Yet, with the help of a political party, she was able to win the case. 

Three years later, Cooper is back on the scene with a brand new album. Entitled Take Me Back, the 21 track project finds Fifi reflecting on several themes; such as her journey. 

Have you given it a spin yet?

Photo Credit: Fifi Cooper via Instagram