Every sample on Kendrick Lamar's DAMN.

18 April 2017
Everything from Rick James to Bruno Mars!
kEzLPvdQ (1)
There isn't a single hip hop conversation that took place this weekend that didn't include Kendrick Lamar's latest album 'DAMN.'

The fourth studio album by Kung Fu Kenny has his fans steadily abusing the repeat button and arguing over which track exactly is the best, (we say "Love"). But just as important as K. Dot telling intricately weaved stories, there's the beyond impeccable production by the fifteen producers who brought the album to life.

Everyone from longtime collaborator, Sounwav to 9th Wonder brought their A game to the project and crafted phenomenal beats but where the heck did they get the inspiration from? Well, the good 'ol folks at Genius have got the answer for you. As part of their "Every sample..." series, they put together every single sample that went into creating Kendrick's latest classic and the results are glorious!

We're pretty sure there are some samples there even you didn't see coming. Check it out