Diddy heartbroken over Kim's death

28 November 2018
<p>Diddy Kim Porter</p>

Diddy continues expressing deep sadness over the unfortunate demise of his ex-partner and mother to three of his children, Kim Porter.

The music mogul, who is being described as 'absolutely devastated' by close sources, gave a heart-rending eulogy at Kim's wedding at a local church. Diddy revealed that Kim pulled him out of a "dark, dark time" in his life, during which he was battling depression. 

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Diddy's much-publicised eulogy follows a week of tributes by the 49-year-old.

In line with his mourning, they were delivered across many of his social media accounts as throwback clips showcasing the beautiful spirit that was Kim. "She was a true definition of a mother", Diddy jotted in one Instagram post that featured awe-inspiring clips of Kim playing with their three daughters at the beach during in the sunset. 

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Kim's death has sent waves of shock and despair throughout the entertainment industry and far beyond. Condolences have been pouring it from high profile celebrities, industry heavyweights, close loved ones and friends. "We lost a real one", Rihanna wrote in an Instagram.