Bruno Mars drops the swaggiest vid of 2018

07 January 2018
Trust Bruno to start winning 2018 before the year even starts!

No one does that old school nostaligia quite like Bruno Mars

Which is why his latest music video is exactly the gift we didn't know we needed but totally love! Taking us all the way back to the 90s, the "Finesse" remix music video is funky, cool and full of feel good moments. Oh and did we mention it also features the queen of the 2017, Cardi B?

The 'In Living Color' inspired video has already racked up 31million views in a handful of days and has the internet busy with praise. It's crazy to think the single is actually a 2016 track! Talk about staying power.

Peep the wavy visuals below and let us know if you gonna be rocking to this one in the new year