Live show 6, 19 Feb: Maya gets evicted– BBTitans

19 February 2023
Yaya and Marvin have reached the end of their Big Brother Titans journey.
Evicted Big Brother Titans pair, Maya

Big Brother Titans live eviction shows always create tension for the nominated housemates. During their eviction diaries today, the newly evicted pair Maya expressed their nervousness. Almost like she could see their future, Yaya said that she was not okay, and that her emotions were running high.

Marvin hoped to continue building his connection with Yaya if they could stay another week. Now that they are out, we wonder if Yaya will still see Marvin as her anchor.

Once Lawrence announced their time was up, the housemates couldn't help but gasp. The pair said their goodbyes and made their way to the stage. 

"I am disappointed; I feel like I could have had a good run," said Yaya. She added she would miss her partner deeply because he was "literally her best-case scenario". Marvin responded by calling her "God sent".

After seeing who nominated them, Yaya said it was fair because they had previously put up some of those housemates. Miracle OP surprised her, though, because he claimed to be on her team.

Before the Maya pair walked off the stage romantically, Marvin addressed his feud with Kanaga Jnr; he said he was not angry about his use of his veto power privilege. Seeing as they had a connection, what hurt him was how early he put him up.

Now that the Maya pair is out, Ebuka made sure to leave the housemates shaken. He asked Khosi if she was 100% honest with Yemi Cregx about her feelings for Thabang. When she didn't answer directly, he said: "Don't make this about Thabang. It is about how you feel about Thabang. You told Thabang when you were looking at him yesterday, you weren't hearing anything Yemi was saying because you are lost in his eyes."

A shocked Khosi eventually responded with "not really" to Ebuka's original question about her honesty. Will the Khoyemi ship survive Ebuka's table shaking, or will Khosi settle for getting lost in Thabang's eyes? 

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