Live show 4, 5 Feb: It’s a wrap for Jaypee and Lukay – BBTitans

05 February 2023
Another pair gets evicted.
Jaykay evicted poster

As they prepared for the night, the housemates who were up for eviction had a lot on their minds. In their diary session with Biggie they said they were worried about how the night would turn out. But it was Jaypee and Lukay to be evicted from the Big Brother Titans house tonight. 

In their diary session earlier in the day, Lukay said he was experiencing a bit of anxiety as the live show drew close. He added that the highlight of his stay was cooking inyama yenhloko and having everyone enjoy it.

Jaypee was calm and said she wasn’t feeling any anxiety. She told Biggie that she worried a lot about how welcoming her family would be if she left the house and if people would remember her as she wanted to be. As for her highlight, it was the Head of House games.

Ebuka did what he does best during the live show by shaking some tables in the house. The first person called was the Head of House Blue Aiva, who was asked about her thoughts about Nelisa. She said Nelisa is an instigator. Head of House Kanaga Jnr was also questioned about his decision to put Maya up for eviction in the save and replace. He admitted to having personal reasons for doing so.

Ebuka questions housemates

While on stage with Lawrence Maleka, Jaypee said that she was not particularly surprised about being nominated by any of the pairs in the house. She also termed her situationship with Ebubu and Marvin a triangle. 

Jaypee expresses her feelings

When questioned by Ebuka about why he feels he was evicted, Lukay responded with pride saying it was because he was seen as a challenge and a threat. He also affirmed that his ship with Ipeleng was not a strategy but couldn’t vouch for the authenticity of other relationships in the house.   

Pairs that nominated Jaykay   

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