Day 63: Justin corners Khosi – BBTitans

19 March 2023
His main focus: her relationship with Thabang.
A male and female housemate

While the housemates gushed about how terrific the Saturday night party was, Justin and Khosi had a chat. He started by asking Khosi what was happening between her and Thabang. She said they had a connection, but she was not ready to explore it in the house.

Justin responded by saying everyone could see that she has chemistry with Thabang. However, he agreed with not starting relationships in the house as he believes that while things might be good now that they are still here, many factors might affect the relationship outside.

Khosi admitted that she had been letting her guard down with Thabang, and even Thabang is playing hard to get because he feels like if he could not get her when Yemi Cregx was still in the house; he doesn't want her now.   

Justin encouraged Khosi to continue living her best life since there was no ring on her finger. His advice led to Khosi asking about Justin's relationship history. Justin said he doesn't believe in relationships and has never been in one. Khosi then wondered if his avoidance of relationships is why he has been ignoring Nana's advances, and Justin replied in the affirmative. 

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