Day 70: Khosi vents to Blaqboi – BBTitans

26 March 2023
She thinks Thabang and Tsatsii were gossiping behind her back.
Big Brother Titans housemates

Following her unsettled rift with Thabang last night, Khosi had another chat with Blaqboi while packing to discuss Thabang's interaction with Tsatsii. She said Tsatsiii and Thabang were talking about her last night and did not appreciate it.

Blaqboi told her not to jump to conclusions as its possible she was not the topic of their conversation. However, Khosi finds that hard to believe; she said when she went upstairs, Tsatsii and Thabang were not communicating audibly; they signalled to each other with their eyes so no one could tell what they were saying.

Blaqboi asked if Khosi had noticed anything suspicious happening between Thabang and Tsatsii. Khosi said she heard them discuss being careful and not trusting anyone last week. Blaqboi then advised Khosi to talk to Thabang instead of playing the guessing game.

However, Khosi does not know that after the Saturday night party, Thabang asked Tsatsii to be his wing-woman as he was drunk and did not want to do anything he might regret. That might explain why she insists they speak about her in hush tones last night. 

After venting, Blaqboi and Khosi discussed the imminent eviction, and Khosi told Blaqboi she would like to be with him tonight, wherever they would end up – still in the running to win the grand prize or in the outside world.

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