Day 61: Miracle OP teased – BBTitans

17 March 2023
Last night, Ipeleng gave him some rules of interaction to follow. And now she is tempting him to break them.
Big Brother Titans housemates

Love and ships are on the brains of the Big Brother Titans housemates. From Khosi kissing Thabang, who she had previously called a baby, to Blaqboi asking his girl, Blue Aiva, if she was in love with him, something might have been in the waters at last night's pool party.

Watch Blueblaq express their feelings


Miracle OP and Ipeleng also caught the love bug; the duo shared hugs while doing their laundry; Ipeleng then playfully told Miracle OP she wanted to set some rules that Miracle OP must follow during their interactions.

Watch Ipeleng set some ground rules

While Miracle OP was fine with Ipeleng's regulations which included: no touching, no pulling of mics, greeting each other at all times, and no more hugs allowed, only handshakes, his sole concern was the reward he was getting for refraining from physical contact; Ipeleng said he would get cuddles. Miracle OP was not impressed and asked that she define what cuddling would entail, but he still followed her rules today. 

Ipeleng, however, did not make the task easy for him. He kept her company as she braided her hair, and she almost made him break the rules by leaning in for a kiss and asking him to look into her eyes. Although Miracle OP did not budge, we can't help but wonder how long he'll last till he gives in.

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