Day 54: Will Ipeleng give Miracle OP the green light? – BBTitans

10 March 2023
Although she gives him much attention, Ipeleng has yet to express any feelings for the Original Playa.
A male and female Big Brother Titans housemate

Miracle OP has made several moves towards Ipeleng in the hopes of making their ship official. However, she initially told him off on day 47 because she did not want to rush into anything following her brief romantic relationship with former housemate Lukay. 

Also, Miracle OP's mysterious letter to Khosi rubbed her up the wrong way. But she is gradually warming up to him, even as she is unsure of his true feelings because he knows how to lure people with his words. In the garden last night, she and Ebubu even playfully referred to him as a "businessman" because of his ability to sell anything to anyone. 

These days, Ipeleng and Miracle OP are spending more time together, sharing hugs, pecks, and even a brief kiss (which socials loved!), and in no time, fans gave them a ship name, "Miraleng." (It's catchier than Ipecle ...)

Just before the housemates won their wager task under Ipeleng's HoH reign, she wooed Miracle OP with poetry and sweet melodies from a guitar. He gushed throughout – and so did she. The romance did not end there; she stayed with him while he braaied meat for the house after the pool party. While she eventually had to leave (did food take forever?) for bed, she did not go without a hug and promises of dreaming about one another. 

Do you see the Miraleng ship sailing in the coming days, or does Miracle OP have to put in more work?

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