Day 52: The housemates blow their mojo - BBTitans

08 March 2023
The housemates struggle through another rocky task presentation.
housemates dressed in green

Big Brother gave the housemates yet another task this afternoon that required the housemates to deliver a presentation on stock market trading with Bamboo. The housemates could be forgiven for being nervous as they were recently hauled over the coals for disrespecting another sponsor’s task.

What’s more, this challenge is preventing them from working on their wager presentation, which needs to be ready tomorrow, and the housemates need to do a good job there, as they’ve wagered 100% of their BB Tokens on the outcome.

Making things even more fraught is the fact that the housemates are coming to terms with Ipeleng’s Supreme Veto Power, and they will be loath to get into her crosshairs.

Basically, things are tense.

Many social media viewers feel that some of the strongest housemates have already left, hence the struggle.

Unfortunately, preparations for this task did not go as well as they could have. A heartbroken Yvonne was slow to put in her fair share of the work, and when Biggie told the housemates to make their way to the arena … they didn’t. They simply were not ready.

When an irritated Biggie tersely asked them what they were waiting for, most of them hastened over to the arena, but Kanaga Jnr and Blue Aiva had to be called out by name before they got going.

During the presentation itself, the housemates’ lack of readiness became apparent. Speakers forgot their lines, forgot key terms, and – sometimes – admitted that their presentations simply were not complete. It was rough going.

Biggie acknowledged the difficulty imposed by the time constraints, however, and was complimentary of their efforts. Some teams were commended for their clarity and others for their design. One team, however, was called out for not getting their own team name correct. Miracle OP, Khosi, Blue Aiva, and Kanaga Jnr went through their entire presentation calling themselves “Team EFT”, when they were really “Team ETF”. Also, their book was more a loose collection of pages.

Ultimately, Team Stocks was named the winner – Justin, Yvonne, Thabang, and Tsatsii can thus claim bragging rights for the night; Yvonne will be especially chuffed, as this is her first win of this kind for the season. Unfortunately, it’s not going to last long – they’ve got that wager task presentation to work on, after all.

It’s going to be a long night for the housemates ...

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