Day 38: Miracle OP rants about Yemi Cregx’s behaviour – BBTitans

22 February 2023
Why’d you do me like that? Miracle OP asks.
Housemates being addressed in the lounge

Yemi Cregx had a few choice words for Miracle OP about the washing of dishes and overall cleanliness last night. Miracle OP was not pleased and went about venting to Kanaga Jnr and Yvonne about Yemi Cegx’s actions.

New Head of House Yemi Cregx gave a short speech about the housemates taking advantage of Ebubu and not cleaning up after themselves in the kitchen. Miracle OP, in particular, was mentioned as a guilty party. 

Miracle OP was so pained by being called out publicly that he confided in Kanaga Jnr, expressing that he felt disrespected by the call out. But Kanaga Jnr chose not to take sides and tried to explain that Yemi Cregx was probably not trying to be vile in his address. The conversation then snowballed into Yemi Cregx’s relationship with women and why Miracle OP thinks he is disrespectful towards the female housemates, evident in the way he speaks to them.

Finally, Miracle OP ranted to Kanaga that he believes Khosi’s true connection is with Thabang because they are on the same wavelength mentally. As for Yemi Cregx, he believes she is only attracted to him physically – and nothing more.

Miracle OP is definitely not in the best place with Yemi Cregx – will it lead to another confrontation between the two? 

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