Day 37: Housemates take a trip back to school – BBTitans

21 February 2023
They talked to Big Brother about their fondest school memory.
Male Big Brother Titans housemate in the diary room

The "nominated" housemates had individual diary sessions with Biggie today. They discussed the nominations, Yelisa's use of their veto power, their relationship with their partners, and the theme of the week, "back to school." When asked about their favourite memory from school, the housemates gushed. Here's what they had to say: 


Tsatsii loved running but was not great at sports. School trips and socializing with her schoolmates, who are surprisingly still her lifelong friends, made her time at high school tremendous.


While he does not remember his childhood well, Ebubu had his fondest school memory at university. He got to act in a play while studying theatre arts and got a standing ovation. The applause inspired and helped him believe in his skills.


Nana's best time in school was during her final year exams – she got to stay back in school with her classmates, and they bonded so over games and their shared space. She had fun as she even got a scar to remember it!


He had an excellent high school experience. However, one touching moment that stood out to Thabang was when his mom came for one of his rugby games and was all over him. He was embarrassed then, but now it makes him emotional as she was very supportive. 


In high school, Khosi was on a winning streak. She won her school pageant and constantly got chosen as the class representative; however, one particular year, she had strong competition and thought she wouldn't get any votes. But luck was on her side as she won 99% of the votes.

Miracle OP

Miracle OP did not have the best time at school, but one thing that helped him shine his light was sports and his teachers, who encouraged him to showcase his talents. 

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As a fashionable social butterfly in school (and even in the Big Brother Titans house), Yvonne enjoyed socialising in high school; she was the social prefect who loved dancing, organising talent shows and social nights. She also loved cultural and visiting days as it was a chance to see her family.


Like Miracle OP, Justin did not enjoy school. However, he had the most fun in his final year and on his valedictory day as he made an effort to step out of his shell, participate in activities and have fun with his friends.

Now that you know more about your faves, what was your fondest school memory?

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