Day 11: Moods are down, and stakes are high – BBTitans

26 January 2023
It’s been a tough week for the housemates, and they’ve started to get on one another’s nerves.
Juicy Jay looking animated during the wager preparation.

Day 11 has started in the Big Brother Titans house, and the situation is complicated. On the night of day 9 (and yesterday morning), there were plenty of romantic advances being made, with kisses being planted everywhere.

The pairs are not all sweet

However, that’s not anywhere close to the whole story. Plenty of housemates sometimes seem to have little more than disdain for one another, and the fact that they’ve been grouped into pairs does nothing to help matters. Many of the housemates would really prefer not to be in pairs (or, at least, not with their current partners). Unfortunately, they don’t really get to have a say in Biggie’s house.

Tsatsii said that she and her Royals partner, Ebubu, “don’t always see eye-to-eye. He can be negative. He doesn’t seem to want to try.” She did go on to say that his theatre background gives him a certain skill that she appreciates, but that “this pairing thing is a challenge”.

Her feelings did not go unnoticed. “She may be upset with me,” remarked Ebubu. “We’re still seeking tranquillity as partners.”

It should be said that not all the partnerships are quite this strained. Marvin and Yaya had exactly the same thing to say about one another: “Interesting.”

“He’s pretty to look at,” offered Yaya, apropos of nothing other than the fact that he is, indeed, pretty to look at. Marvin, for his part, looked a little deeper. “Yaya’s strength is she’s smart.”

Reasons behind nominations

Look, this is Big Brother – nominations are part of the game. While some of the housemates have claimed that they nominated people just because they had to, others have more pointed reasons for doing so.

“The aggression between Sandra and my partner [Ebubu],” was the reason Tsatsii gave for them nominating her and Theo Traw. Yaya had said they also voted for them because “it became obvious that people were going to nominate Santheo”.

It’s true that Theo Traw has upset a few of the housemates – rightly or not. “He doesn’t know how to speak as a grown man,” was Jenni O’s summation of the matter. Mmeli voted for them because Theo “has unresolved issues” with him and Sandra is a “pretender”.

On the subject of Mmeli

Oh, boy, did this diary session not go well for Mmeli. From the jump, it was clear that this was going to be a rocky one. Mmeli arrived late, irritated, and in a demanding mood. This has been covered before, so feel free to open this article in another tab to read more, but long story short – Biggie was not having it.

Food issues

Food is always an issue in the house, and yesterday saw Nana complain to Biggie about it. After he told her to talk to the housemates, Nana told Ipeleng that she would like to address the house, who duly gave her the space a little later. She aired her grievances, and the response was not the kind of blowout it could have been, given the irritation that’s bubbling under the surface.

The wager danger

Let’s be perfectly clear: the housemates seem in a much better position to win their wager than they did at this time last week. There’s certainly a lot more energy on display during their rehearsals, and their assorted props seems to be coming along nicely. Whether or not it will be enough to score the 50% they bet on the outcome remains to be seen, but we’re holding thumbs, for them. The housemates desperately need a win, and it would go a long way to make for an exciting pool party (see the paragraph about all those kisses at the top of this article).

If, however, they lose the wager task, we might be in for a bitter night of blame, shots, and shade. It might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

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