Day 10: Mmeli’s shady (but heated) diary session – BBTitans

25 January 2023
Could Mmeli have forgotten that he is no longer Head of House?
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The former Big Brother Titans Head of House – Mmeli – seems to have left Biggie offended after his diary session.

The diary session started off on a bitter note: after Mmeli arrived late, Biggie immediately reprimanded him, and Mmeli’s returned fire a minute later by telling Big Brother his opinions on the games and its rules. He went on to question Big Brothers’ reasoning and had a few complaints about his stay and experience in the house.

One of the comments that provoked Big Brother was when Mmeli complained about his sore ankle and demanded a some shoes. Another was when Mmeli questioned one of the rules of an earlier game, stating that he doesn’t understand the concept of rolling the cup of wine with a tissue because – at the end – housemates were pulling the cup instead of rolling the tissue.

Finally, Mmeli had nothing positive to say about most of the other housemates, and he positively had a mouthful to say about Theo calling him rude and disrespectful. 

Biggie went on to ask Mmeli if he is tired of being in the house or if he is taking Biggie’s kindness for granted. Even though Mmeli apologised, Biggie is not impressed. 

Social media was abuzz with viewers feeling that Mmeli felt entitled.

Could Mmeli’s attitude be attributed to the fact the he was the first HoH and hasn’t quite gotten used to his current situation?

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