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To Have And To Hold






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To Have and To Hold

"To Have and To Hold" is a fun, fresh and sexy drama series around the life of a trio; the ambitious Akosua, the ever optimistic Enyonam and the fun loving Kuukua, as they deal with the challenges life throws at them; be it a skirt chasing boss, a dishonest husband or a promiscuous partner. The series touches on themes such as sisterhood, gender equality, and traditional marriage practices among others.

S2 | E26
20 July 10:30
'S2/E26 of 26'. A fresh drama series that follows the lives of three young female friends living in the city.
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THATH season 2 poll

Which of these pair should get back together?

Akosua and Sam9%
Enyonam and Nii Tetteh56%
Kuukua and Asamoah6%
Akosua and Kudjoe28%

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