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Ghost of the first wife’s past – Tanko Villa Image : 661
Uninvited guest – Tanko Villa Image : 642
Uninvited guest – Tanko VillaDespite moving out of Tanko Villa, Kumi's presence still lingers in the compound.
Wake up, Felicity! – Tanko Villa Image : 609
Wake up, Felicity! – Tanko VillaFelicity's sleepwalking habit is making life at the Villa a total nightmare, leaving no resident out of the chaos.
Prof’s bitter piece of cake – Tanko Villa Image : 598
Prof’s bitter piece of cake – Tanko VillaProf learns the hard way that he can’t eat his cake and have it when the secret about his first wife comes to light.
Preparing for Christmas – Tanko Villa Image : 581
Preparing for Christmas – Tanko VillaCelebrating Christmas is a must even if it means placing curses on debtors to make it happen.
Tenant of the year – Tanko Villa Image : 569
Tenant of the year – Tanko VillaMama Tanko’s announcement of a juicy reward in the Villa pit the tenants against each other.
Fafa’s wild date – Tanko Villa Image : 563
Fafa’s wild date – Tanko VillaFafa’s attempt to get back into the dating game leaves her with an awkward proposal from two men.
Adongo gets his Baby T – Tanko Villa Image : 560
Adongo gets his Baby T – Tanko VillaAfter months of trying to get Baby Tanko’s love, Adongo gets a few tips from Auntie Connie that leads to his little (but not so little) win.
The wrong message – Tanko Villa Image : 552
The wrong message – Tanko VillaKumi’s wrong message to Papa Tanko’s phone draws him into a major debt as he finds ways to correct his mistake.
Blackmail gone wrong – Tanko Villa Image : 543
Blackmail gone wrong – Tanko VillaAdongo vows to expose Fafa and Kumi’s secret affair if he’s not paid his own cut, but the two beat him to it when they reveal his own secret.
The private eye – Tanko Villa Image : 521
The private eye – Tanko VillaTrouble looms when Auntie Connie decides to house Tanko Villa’s most wanted private investigator in disguise.
Enough is enough! – Tanko Villa Image : 509
Enough is enough! – Tanko VillaFrustrated Mama Tanko has had it with the tenants ignoring her complaints about proper water management and takes it upon herself to find a permanent solution.
Ghost of the first wife’s past – Tanko Villa

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