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The (not so) friendly love triangle – Sankofa

30 September 2021
This is Adiza’s Sankofa story.
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While this is not your typical love come back story, the story of Adizatu, Naa and Sedinam is one for the books. Keep reading to know how this episode went down…

Her side of the story

Naa approached the Sankofa team to help reconcile her ex-friend and roommate, Naa with her lover. She claimed she was only friends with Naa’s ex-boyfriend, Sedinam, and usually kept him company whenever he came to visit Naa and she wasn’t around. However, Naa wasn’t cool with their closeness and for this reason, ended the relationship with Sedinam and the friendship with Adiza.

After her chat with Michael Katahena, she was introduced to the Fixers and later on, the pursuer, Sitsofe Tsikor. The Fixers drilled her for more clarity on this friendship circle and asked her if nothing happened between herself and Sedinam, to which she answered ‘no’. While Da Therapizt was convinced that she was lying about this vital piece of information, Michelle McKinney Hammond and Leo were almost sure that her friend was only overreacting and Adiza had nothing with Sedinam. Adiza and Sitsofe’s meeting resulted in a conclusion to also involve the boyfriend in this episode since her main priority was to reconcile Naa with Sedinam rather than get her friend back. In this meeting, both Adiza and Sedinam affirmed that nothing happened between them. Little did we know…

The truth

Sitsofe disguised as a presenter who was interested in interviewing Naa to talk about her role as a nurse in combating the Corona Virus and in this interview, Adiza was revealed and the Sankofa team got to the order of the day. Upon seeing her (ex) friend, Naa immediately showed her disgust which hinted the crew that there was definitely more to the story than Adiza claimed. It was not until Sedinam appeared that Naa exposed the truth. She said Adiza was intimate with Sedinam and neither of the accused denied the allegation. Which left us wondering why Adiza lied about the truth in the first place if she had already confessed to Naa.

Walk in Naa’s shoes…

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How would you react if your friend had an intimate relationship with your partner?

Forgive them after a while 0%
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Would you be open to reconcile with either of them after this?


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What would you do if the Sankofa team invited you for reconciliation?

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Would you get back with your partner if they cheated on you?

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What would you consider a deal breaker in a relationship?

Domestic violence0%

How it ended

After many pleads, an intervention from Michael and Sitsofe and what looked like Cupid’s arrow, Naa did not only forgive Adiza and Sedinam, but she was willing to give her relationship another shot. We’re wishing the couple a happy and less chaotic journey going forward.

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