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Rita’s spin of entanglement – Sankofa

10 November 2021
This is Rita Elorm Galley’s Sankofa story.
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The makeup artist approached the Sankofa team to help save her relationship with Koby of over 10 years, and after hearing what led to the breakup, Michael Katahena introduced Rita to the Fixers.

Just before then, she revealed to the presenter that Koby gave her everything in their relationship, except attention and quality time and even when she tried to talk to him about it, nothing changed. Not until she met a church member that gave her everything that was missing in her relationship with Koby and was constantly showering her with all the attention and care her man stopped giving her.

Meeting the Fixers

Upon meeting the Fixers, Rita was asked why she was trying to win Koby back if she felt her newfound bae made her happy, and she said she didn’t realize how much she loved him until she was caught cheating. How was she caught? Koby started suspecting her when rumours were flying in church and there was a change in her attitude towards him and this prompted him to log into her WhatsApp, where he saw all the messages between her and her church bae.

“You clearly didn’t love him well enough, and that’s why you cheated,” Michelle told Rita and Poku Ashes agreed while adding that today’s generation has made cheating a part of relationships and they’ve normalized it. He further stated that the church has an integral role to play in giving life skills to the youths.

Apparently, Koby didn’t leave after he found out that she was cheating, but an incident happened that turned things around in their relationship. On Rita’s birthday, Koby called to take her out for lunch after work, and after he came to pick her up with a huge surprise, she bailed on him and went out for lunch with the other guy instead. Koby kept calling her, but she switched off her phone and this act ended what was left of the relationship.

When asked by the Fixers if she would be here asking for Koby to come back if she hadn’t got caught or if the church and family didn’t get involved and she said she couldn’t tell. The Fixers agreed that she doesn’t know what she wants and was only getting back with Koby because of these external factors.

Luring Koby

Sitsofe got him to a come to a ‘talkshow’ where he was asked questions about entertainment, dancing, and music and while he talked her through his routine in the music industry, Koby Chronix showed Sitsofe why he wears his dancer, choreographer, and influencer badges proudly. As he taught some basic dance steps, Michael walked into the dance studio with Rita.

Upon seeing her and realizing that the talk show was staged for him to meet up with her, he wanted to walk away from the scene, but Rita fell on her kneels immediately to apologize. The visibily shaken Koby said, “I just feel like being alone,” and didn’t seem willing to hear Rita out, because according to him, he heard a lot of rumours and found out things that hurt him even after the breakup. In tears, Rita remained in her position and admitted that she made a mistake, but this mistake made her realize how much she loves him.

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What next for Rita and Koby?

Rita said she’ll put in her best and will be the woman Koby wants her to be, while she waits patiently for him to come around and Koby said he wants to be alone for now and since the trust is broken in the relationship, he’ll try to mend it.

While we’re glad Koby was able to hear her out and the role the Sankofa team played in this, we wish the couple the best as we watch them closely to see how things pan out for them.