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On the firm grounds of celibacy – Sankofa

11 October 2021
This is Benjamin’s Sankofa story.
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Benjami Acqua reached out to the Sankofa team to help save his 4-year-old marriage with Leona, which ended abruptly because of their differences in sexual abstinence. Benjamin revealed that he wanted his love back, and the fact that they weren’t just lovers, but friends for 20 years, made us understand why it was difficult for him to let go of her easily despite their misunderstandings. Michael Katahena stated that his case was redeemable and worth saving, so he was introduced to the Fixers.

Meeting the Fixers

Apparently, upon entering the relationship, Benjamin and Leona had agreed that they were going to be celibate and rather focus their time and energy on building multiple streams of income before getting married. They were both on the same page before Leona suddenly started making moves at Benjamin to get him to break their celibacy vows and when he couldn’t deal with the pressures, he decided to end the relationship. He blamed himself for the breakup and told the Fixers that he should have waited to hear why she suddenly went against their agreement, instead of ending the relationship the way he did.

Nana Poku Ashes told him to stop thinking of it as a mistake as it was only normal for him to stay away from what he thought wasn’t aligning with his future, while Michelle McKinney Hammond said obeying God and abstaining from sexual relations wasn’t something to see as a mistake and if he thought Leona wasn’t on the same page with him on that, it was best to let go to avoid further temptation. On the other hand, Da Therapizt thought Benjamin was ‘selfish and confused’ for these reasons: he brought up the celibacy rules in the relationship because he wanted to pursue his own personal reasons without knowing if she wanted the same thing and he was confused because, “why go back to her if you know she wants something you don’t want, are you ready to give her what she wants then,” he added.

After this round table discussion, it was clear what Benjamin wanted – Leona! And according to Sitsofe, it was best to hear from Leona what happened and where she stood in all of this, before knowing if their relationship was worth saving.

Linking up with Leona

Sitsofe, the Lurer, got Ophelia (Leona’s friend) and Leona on what seemed to be a fun shopping mission. While together in the car, Sitsofe brought up the issue of relationships and while Ophelia said she was in one, Leona admitted to being in a complicated relationship that ended because of sexual abstinence differences. She also revealed that the reason she suddenly started to pressure him was because she found some compromising texts between Benjamin and a few ladies, which made her believe she was lying to her about their celibacy agreement.

Getting to the boutique, Sitsofe asked the ladies to play a little shopping game, and in the middle of the game, Michael Katehena arrived to have a chat with them. He also told Leona that a surprise was in store for her…

The reconciliation

Benjamin showed up with the biggest and cutest teddy bear and immediately he saw Leona, he fell on his knees to apologize to her. The shock on her face was enough reason to believe that this Sankofa challenge was worth it and as Michael Katahena disclosed what was going on to her, it was clear enough that Benjamin wasn’t alone on this love come back journey. They both talked it out and agreed that this misunderstanding wouldn’t come up again and after meeting the Fixers, Benjamin and Leona resumed their love journey on mutual understandings.

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