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Love in quarantine – Sankofa

23 September 2021
This is Fixon Denis’ Sankofa story.
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What would you do if the one you loved got tested positive for the Corona Virus and after you stayed with them till they got better, they tell you they’re in love with someone else? Sankofa season two launched with Fixon’s love story as the Host and Fixers helped him get back the one that got away.

Luring Felicia

A plan was put in place to help Fixon meet with Felicia, our Lurer was to get her settled before getting into action. Sitsofe taking her place as the Lurer, camouflaged as Felicia’s swimming instructor and trust the amazing actress to play it cool, without Felicia suspecting a thing. She went on asking Felicia some questions that got her relaxed and finally landed on a question centred around her relationship; to which Felicia replied saying she didn’t want to talk about it.

Mid-swimming, Michael Katahena arrived with Fixon Denis, and Sitsofe nudged Felicia to look up at her visitor. Upon sight, Felicia was evidently upset and even tried to slap him to show this, but Michael immediately introduced himself and the Sankofa team, thereafter, Fixon jumped in to apologize.

Back story

Fixon Denis was in a relationship when he met Felicia, and although he was having issues with his girlfriend at that time, he wasn’t sure about ending it. Unfortunately, he was hit by Covid-19 in the pandemic and Felicia took it upon herself to nurture him back to health. Now, that’s how you show that you love someone, right? Talk about love in quarantine!

Everything seemed to be going fine when they were quarantined together, until Felicia asked a question and Fixon replied saying he loved someone else. Call it confusion, call it uncertainty, we don’t know, but all we know is by the time Fixon realised he was in love with Felicia, she was long gone. Trust our Fixers to dish out some love nuggets while trying to help Fixon out with this case; “If you give too much, you don’t get nothing,” Michelle McKinney Hammond said when she heard about Felicia’s selfless sacrifice and how Fixon handled it.

How it ended

With Sankofa, it’s never too late to get back the one that got away, which is what Michael Katahena, Sitsofe Tsikor and the Fixers did for Fixon today. The episode ended with a Fixon and Felicia on a lunch date, beaming with smiles and looking so in love. Michael and Sitsofe met up with them and gave them bits of advice as they begin their journey together.

We can’t wait to catch up with them much later at the Reunion, but for now, we get to enjoy more love stories on Sankofa season two – airing on Saturdays at 8:00pm on Akwaaba Magic DStv Channel 150. Stay tuned!