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Iman’s cheating spree – Sankofa

22 October 2021
This is Iman Mohammed’s Sankofa story...
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Iman (28) met Marian (32) three years ago when she got out of a failed marriage. Despite giving him all of her love and financial resources, he ended up cheating on her and telling her he couldn’t be with a single mum. His meeting with Michael Katahena, the host, earned him a meeting with the Fixers who had a round table discussion to help solve his problem.

Meeting with the Fixers

As expected, Iman’s story left the Fixers shook as they heard him narrate how he cheated on Marian multiple times, the amount of money he owes her and how he left his ex-lover broken. From his conversation with the Fixers, we got to know that not only did Iman cheat on Marian with his co-worker, but he was also caught and when confronted, he told Marian he couldn’t end up with a single mum, saying his mother was against the idea.

Furthermore, Iman expressed that Marian’s age didn’t bother him and although the fact that she has two kids hurt him at the beginning of their relationship, he’s certain he can deal with it now. Michelle McKinney Hammond asked him what he was going to do about replacing Marian’s money and Iman replied saying he would find a way around it. Nana Poku wasn’t impressed with his response and asked him if he was sure he didn’t want to get back with her as a way of getting out of paying her back. “I don’t want anything short of a relationship with her and I just don’t want her back as a friend, but as my woman,” Iman said. “Once Marian loves, she loves hard and I realised that I was taking advantage of the fact that she was always there for me and I’m ready to make amends,” he added.

The Fixers threw this final question at Iman – “If your family was against this relationship years ago, why then are you trying again, especially after hurting her badly?” Nonetheless, they were ready to help Iman pursue making peace with Marian and not necessarily a romantic relationship.

Lured by Sitsofe

To get her on the show, our Lurer, Sitsofe, reached out to Marian to come display and promote her organic beauty products on a ‘beauty talk show’ and this chit chat went on until Michael introduced Iman. What we expected was a chaotic moment, but Marian left us dazed with her calm demeanour as she stared at her surprise.

“I killed myself for you, I fed you. I don’t need your apology, it’s over and I just need my money,” she said when Iman went on his knees to ask for them to get back together. He came looking for love, but she wasn’t up for that, all she wants is her money. After all, it’s been two years and she’s now over him and chasing her business now. “How would you feel when a man begs you to love him even after knowing you have two kids and then he turns around to cheat on you and tell you he can’t marry a single mother,” she asked Michael and Sitsofe when they wanted to know if there was a possibility to reconcile with Iman on the Sankofa show.

He kept repeating that they should put the money aside and she revealed that she has been single for two years since he left, which is to tell him that she doesn’t need love and definitely wasn’t moved by his tears.

What next?

When asked if she was willing to forgive him even though she won’t take him back, she told Michael that she can forgive him but cannot forget. Seconds after, she grabbed Iman by the shirt saying, “I was madly in love with you, now I’m mad now, I need my money!”.

On Sankofa, we never promise a 100% reconciliation and in this case of Iman and Marian, this is clearly not a love come back objective, but the team will be working to create peace between these two.

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