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All about PK's lies, children, and vasectomy – Sankofa

28 November 2021
This is Papa Kwame Barnes’ Sankofa story.
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PK as popularly called by many, approached the Sankofa team to help get 29-year-old Mariam back into his life. His story is quite different from what has been featured on the show, as Papa Kwame revealed that he is not only married, but he also has three children who live in Europe. He only came to Accra alone because his family didn’t want to relocate with him.

What’s his story?

When asked about how he got Mariam to be his girlfriend, PK told Michael Katahena that they met at a party and after they got talking, she told him about all the problems she was facing which included accommodation and financial issues. PK’s interest in her made him take up her bills and he also got an accommodation for her.

This sparked up a relationship between them, and things were going well until PK sent her packing from the house he got for her. According to him, anytime he was out of town, he always got calls and messages from people telling him that Mariam was bringing different men into the house. Without confirming if this was true, he proceeded to send her out of the apartment, and this marked the end of their three-year-old relationship.

The fixers all say a BIG NO

“I didn’t realize I loved her until after the breakup and I’m here because I want her back,” PK told the Fixers. He was questioned on what makes him sure he loves her if he has a whole family back in Europe and PK said Mariam was good at ‘servicing’ everything for him – from cooking good food, to pleasing him in the bedroom, he claimed he enjoyed every moment with her. Upon hearing his reasons, Michelle and Ashes agreed that he was only lusting after Mariam and didn’t love her. “You’re just enjoying her,” Ashes added. When they heard that PK has been married for 30 years and with three children, Ashes declined helping him on his Sankofa journey and Michelle wore her therapist hat and told PK that the odds were against him.

Sitsofe was called to weigh in on the matter and for the first time on the show, she was against going ahead to lure the pursued (Mariam) in, because of PK’s selfish interest to hide his vasectomy, marriage, and children from her, even after claiming to love her. “She’s young and you’re just using her as your trophy girl,” she blankly said, and PK argued that they were both using and enjoying each other.

PK stormed out of the room, seeing that the Fixers were reluctant to help him get Mariam, despite everything being clearly against him.

Michael calls truce

At Sankofa, we try to resolve all issues, so Michael Katahena spoke to the producers to hear Mariam’s side of the story and see if they both stood a chance with cupid again. It was at this meeting with Michael that Mariam disclosed that she wasn’t aware of PK’s family in Europe and said she never brought anyone into the house in his absence. She cared about him and put her everything in the relationship until he chased her out and she found out he couldn’t have children with her.

“He’s very impatient and he has temper issues, so I hope he works on those, instead of trying to get back with me,” Mariam said, after telling PK that she has a child with someone else and they’re getting married soon. Seeing her beautiful daughter and hearing the news of her marriage drove PK out of the scene angrily and Mariam left him with these words, “You’ve lost!”.

Mariam told Michael she’ll never get back with PK and that she’s happy with the decision she made, especially with Amadora, her daughter, now in her life. She also confessed that she’s been a fan of the show prior to being called in by Michael. “Let PK go and rest since he’s old, and he shouldn’t go worry another person’s daughter,” Mariam further said.

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