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If manipulation had a face – Roses and Daggers

23 July 2021
It would be Winifred’s!
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What is really frightening is a woman who is not only great at hiding her evil ways like Cinderella’s beautiful yet deadly stepmother, but one who is clever enough to twist facts, plant evidence and win the trust of people around her (her victims).

Don’t be deceived, Winifred is more than a pretty face and with her level of dedication to her work and skills, it’s easy to see past her wicked ways. There’s something insanely terrifying and creepy about a pretty and innocent looking lady who turns out to be crazy and would go through any means to get what she wants – even if it means moving into a supposed friend’s home.

One good turn doesn’t deserve another

In Anita’s case, helping a friend in need is going to turn out to be the greatest mistake of her life. How so? Let’s throw it back to the time Anita called Winifred to her house to help make her friend, Valerie’s hair. Winifred decided to use the opportunity to cook up perfectly buttered lies that touched the good heart of Anita and Valerie. This prompted Anita to talk to her husband into bringing Winifred home to keep her company and assist her with house duties until she gives birth to her child; after which she’ll get Winifred a house of her own. A friend in need isn’t always a friend indeed…

Crazy but make it cute

Winifred lied to Anita about her mum being in Liberia after surviving the war, but unknown to Anita, Winifred’s mum is in the village and has been trying to get in touch with her daughter. We thought all hell would break loose when Anita saw Winifred’s phone ring, only for the caller to be her mother. Trust the greatest manipulator to twist the truth and convince Anita that she would go see her mom who just got back from Liberia. Poor Anita gave her some money for her trip and instead of going to pay a visit to her mother, Winifred destroyed her sim card and used the money to get a new phone. All of these just to make sure her family won’t be able to reach out to her? Now if that doesn’t scream manipulation and evil, what does?

What next?

With Winifred leaving her family behind in the village and now living with Anita and her husband in the city, what’s her plan? Oh, if only someone could warn Anita to save her husband and unborn child from this evil that awaits them before it gets too late. What do you predict would happen next on Roses and Daggers? Will Winifred make a move on Anita’s husband, Zak? Watch your back, Anita, pretty faces aren’t automatic pretty hearts! Tune in on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:30pm on AkwaabaMagic. You can also catch up on Showmax, so you don’t miss a beat.