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Akwaaba Magic, drama, Madam, drama on Akwaaba Magic

Lankai Morgan

47, she is a successful businesswoman who is also the President of the TRUE WOMAN NGO, the most prestigious female led NGO in the country. Lankai’s aim is to eradicate female streetism by providing them basic education and steer them better life goals. This program which is in collaboration with a government initiative seeks to rehabilitate a number of these girls in a hostel facility for a period while training them to aspire to better life choices. Lankai is the only child of her deceased parents. She grew up in a middle-class home and watched her mother be at the beck and call of her father who was the sole provider of their family while her mother stayed home trying various medical procedures in her bid to have more children. Saddled with an only child, Lankai’s mother sunk into deep depression and eventuallydied. Her father shipped Lankai off to boarding school, remarried and later sent her off to live with her aunt for fear of ruining his marriage with his new wife who already had three children of her own.
Once he passed, Lankai received a two-bedroom house and some money from his will. Lankai sold the house, sought the help of an accountant friend from school and invested the money which she later used to set up an import/export business. She also married the accountant more out of her need for his accounting skills than love. She quickly had two kids and set off to build her business. Lankai’s encounter with a prominent government official initiated her into an extra marital affair which she later regretted because he negated on his promises to help her expand her business. Later, she recruited a girl off the streets, cleaned her up and sent her after her former politician lover. Armed with evidence of his sexual escapades, Lankai gained the upper hand and begun what will become a high end secret escort agency to service the sexual needs of male politicians while she won some of the biggest government contracts in the country.
From when she watched her weak mother pander to her uncaring father, her lesson learnt at the hands of her cunning politician lover and her genuine desire to see young girls aspire for more in life, Lankai Morgan is determined to do what she must to get what she wants.