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Josephine Korsah

(Aunty Jo) 45, and second wife of a senior minister is the Vice President of True Woman NGO. She used to be a house wife, and was seen as a pretty gold
digging air-head by party members when she agreed to marry the old man primarily for his money and influence. Jo was looking for relevance and respect which is why an affiliation with Lankai was very necessary. She was Lankai’s puppet and gradually became her number 2 when she promised a favor to Jo’s husband. As Jo got closer to power and was finally getting the attention and respect, she had always yearned for she begun to want more and would do anything for it even if it means unseating Lankai. Jo is married to 70 year old Hon. Korsah who is one of the oldest and most respected state-men both in his party and the opponent’s. Jo has a daughter, RITA, who she had when she was barely in her twenties. Hon. Korsah loves Rita for her intelligence and has since adopted her as one of his own children giving her his surname to boot. Korsah has 3 older kids with his first wife; Mrs. Theresa korsah; Jo’s nemesis. The senior minister doesn’t live with any of his wives, they both live in separate plush houses, and he visits as and when.
Jo’s goal is to wield power and respect among the wives of the state-men and prove to people that she’s more than a gold digging pretty face. This means she must show her leadership skill to gain access to the vast contracts and goodwill that Lankai easily enjoys. At the beginning Jo is seen as the ‘weak’ victim and the puppet for Lankai. As her character progresses, we realize how calculative and strategic she’s been all this while especially as she uses her daughter’s access to information as a police detective to secretly investigate Lankai in hopes of her downfall.