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Why you can’t help but love Naa Sika Hammond – High Currency

28 July 2022
Little Miss does everything and anything to get what she wants.
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Spoilers ahead, so stream now on Showmax before reading this.

Played by the beautiful and talented Nikki Samonas, Naa Sika Hammond is a smart, beautiful, ambitious, and talented 32-year-old artist, and the top cash cow at Crystal Bank. She is not above doing anything and everything to get high-paying businesses for the bank.

From the first episode, you instantly fell in love with Naa. Here are some of our favourite tweets that capture all the love:

Naa is that toxic ex you can’t seem to get over and comes crawling back after your hundredth breakup. Regardless of how naughty and overly obsessed with work she is, you can’t help but love Naa – her commitment to her job, love for family, and of course how she’s always ready to serve fashion goals.

In addition, she’s an orphan who has been looking out for her foster sister, Ella, since they were teenagers. Now that they’re older, Naa has taken up the responsibility of taking care of her sister alongside her sister’s child, under her roof. Seeing her do almost anything to make them comfortable makes it almost impossible to not have a soft spot for her.

Maybe you thought Naa was the epitome of a badass boss lady and a lover of family and children, but you couldn’t move past her scandals, like being caught in a hotel with a client by his wife.

With Naa Sika, the hard ways become easier…if you know how to play the right cards. We can’t wait to see how this motto plays out in her life with her chaotic relationship with money, power, sex, and her love for social media, coupled with her ongoing rivalry at the workplace with Efua. How long will she be able to keep up?

In case you missed it, the High Currency watch party was all shades of beautiful with the cast and fans of the show.

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