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Goal Diggers signs out with a bang!

27 March 2024
Quest, Elikem, 2Much and Dela served a compelling story with a fitting finale!
Akwaaba Magic, February 2024 shows, new shows, Goal Diggers

Has Goal Diggers been a hit or what? Wow! 🔥

On hindsight, the simmering tension in the premiere episode should have given us a clue, when Quest – the suave, smooth talker – started showing signs early on that he was too good to be true.

Quest’s podcast, Levels Up, was so popular that when he started getting women throw themselves at him, he started taking his home for granted. What he did not expect was for his wife, Mildred, to take the drastic steps she took. Not only does she ask for divorce, but Mildred goes full destroyer mode, threatening to spill all of Quest’s dirty secrets on a rival podcast – hosted by her! 😂

Elikem, meanwhile, was an enigma. A spoiled side-chick of a rich white man, she was much more interested in rolling with her girls and having a good time. She lived in a well-furnished home rented for her by her sugar daddy, and a shop had been set up for here, too – but she barely went there.

Things will come to a head when her mother visits her home, and decides to actually live there. But that’s not the problem: her mum’s boyfriend tags along as well. Elikem initially copes, but after her mother’s man continues to be a nuisance, mum and daughter have an epic showdown for the ages. 

And then there’s 2Much. What can we say about this talentless comedienne who is so tone deaf? From telling dry jokes to getting caught stealing material from the internet, this woman simply does not get the memo that comedy is just not for her. Her boyfriend, Dela, doubles as her manager, and putting her straight is never easy.

2Much’s frustration with her career stagnation forces her into the arms of another man, and when Dela finds out, the sense of betrayal is palpable. This is a surprise, because he is, himself, cheating on 2Much with another woman! 😜

Everything reaches a climax with some truly dramatic stuff. Elikem’s easy life is shattered with news of Sean’s death, and it sends her into a spiral of depression. She collapses at the funeral in the finale. Quest begins therapy, falls in love with the therapist, only to find out that she is the one passing on his secrets to Mildred. 2Much finally finds a talent manager able to bring out the best in her, and Dela accuses her of breaking their contract, but she has the last laugh! 🤓

Goal Diggers finale

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Akwaaba Magic, February 2024 shows, new shows, Goal Diggers
Sean and Elikem
Akwaaba Magic, February 2024 shows, new shows, Goal Diggers
2Much and Dela
Akwaaba Magic Abusua, February 2024, new shows, Goal Diggers
Mildred and Quest

Goal Diggers has packed an incredible punch and has simply been mwah! With a few mysteries left for us to unravel at the end (did Elikem ever recover from her funeral collapse? Did Mildred really divorce Quest or she let it go?), we can’t help asking for one more season in typical Oliver Twist fashion. Will we get our wish?

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