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Did you miss these exciting moments on Abusua this month?

26 January 2024
New shows came with a bang, and the existing dramas got better!
Leg Work, legwork, Akwaaba Magic, Abusua,

When we said 2024 was going to start with an almighty bang with Abusua, we were not joking at all. It’s been back-to-back thrills, and we know you want more!

But, hang on, shall we make a quick list of what’s been trending on the channel to see if you are all caught up? Shall we? Good!  


Stella has returned to Ghana, and she did not come empty. She possesses dynamite information that could potentially incriminate Deji. To complicate things further, she finds out that she is carrying his unborn child. What does she do? Meanwhile, Aseye is on a collision course with danger as she stumbles on some very shocking truths. Can she get herself out of danger? Follow the intrigue on Thursdays at 6:00pm.


Tanko Villa

As they say in Ghana, “landlord no dey need permission to increase rent.” It seems the Tankos have taken this Ghanaianism to heart. Due to the increasing cost of utilities, they feel the need to pass on the cost to the tenants. Problem is, they only recently increased the rates! Is a showdown looming? Join the residents on Thursdays at 5:30pm.

Leg Work

Sherifa is working hard to become the dance champion she has always thought of herself to be. But now, she has to cross her first hurdle – she has to convince her immediate circle of her talent. To do that, she keeps practicing. And practicing. And practicing. Will her hard work be rewarded?


Patrick and Lana were once in a relationship centered around control and show of power, but with the willingness to work things out, the Sankofa Fixers lead them to a new beginning. According to her, “he has the qualities I like”, but there were niggling issues that upset her man that created this sticky situation. Our host, the smooth Michael Katahena, displays a great sense of maturity and tact in trying to fix this thorny problem. Catch Sankofa on Fridays at 9:00pm.

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