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02 November 2023
Awesome TV viewing just got more awesome with these new offerings.
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‘Yɛbɛma mo showdown’ is the most trending phrase in all of Ghana now, thanks to the vivacious Honorable Kennedy Agyapong. Permit us to borrow the phrase for a moment, yeah?

Reconnect instantly via the MyDStv or MyGOtv app now, because we promise our new shows on Akwaaba Magic Abusua will have you on lockdown this November!

Get ready to have your tastebuds tickled with our lineup of exciting shows premiering this month.

Premieres on 3 November at 6:30pm
Airing Fridays at 6:30pm

Whatever men can do, women can, too – and better. Three women, determined to succeed in life, refuse to be boxed into professions stereotyped by Ghanaian norms as being the preserve of men. People gawk and stare as one becomes a rider of a commercial tricycle, locally called ‘pragya’ or ‘kɛkɛ’; the other takes up motorbike repairs; and the third settles for carpentry. The trio is constantly belittled and laughed at, but slowly, hard work and persistence earns them validation, self-esteem, and respect from everyone around them. Will their modest professional pursuits help shatter the glass ceiling?

Dentaah employs humour and a lot of satire to mirror the struggles of the Ghanaian society with accepting its women for what and who they are.

Bread Butik
Premieres on 3 November at 7:00pm
Airing Fridays at 7:00pm

This is a story of an underground musician, Junior, who falls in love with a baker’s daughter. The show follows Junior’s struggles to have a breakthrough song as he tries to keep his relationship going. Will he be able to claw his way through the cluttered musical scene to stardom? And at what cost to his love life?

Perfect for Friday evening TV, Bread Butik is laced with typical Ghanaian street humour and jest to help you wind down after a hectic week.

Premieres on 6 November
Airing Mondays at 9:00pm

The sudden death of Aku Hansen in the upscale Nyonu Estate leads Inspector Fafali Bosscher and her homicide unit on collision courses with the Ghanaian society’s biggest, baddest, and most influential. But playing with fire has consequences, and for them, it is being booted out of the respected homicide unit to newly created, but scantily resourced Sexual Violence Support Unit (SEVSU).

Headed by Chief Inspector Pupulampo, SEVSU tackles mind-bogglingly debauched sexual offenses in every episode – all the while hunting for Aku’s killer.

Another Perfect Game
Premieres on 7 November
Airing Tuesdays at 7:30pm

A thrilling drama that exposes the dark side of the dating scene. Witness the lives of four players who manipulate, cheat, and lie to get what they want from their partners. But what happens when they meet their matches? Will they change their ways or face the consequences?

Desmond is a playboy who lives with his girlfriend, Jahanna, but continues to ogle other women. Then there’s Cassandra, who has repeatedly been given a raw deal by men and has finally decided to be a player too. Meanwhile, Theon and Jason revel in jostling for who can first get into the beds of beautiful women. However, when Theon meets Ailla – a single mother focused on building herself – he meets his match, only to find that his best friend, Jesse also has eyes on his woman.

Another Perfect Game is a gripping and suspenseful show that will keep you on the edge of your seat – every Tuesday at 8:00pm on Akwaaba Magic Abusua.

Dirty Laundry
Premieres on 7 November at 9:00pm
Airing Tuesdays, 9:00pm

Tony is a respected radio presenter who believes in playing it by the book. He also doubles as Programmes Director for Uptown FM, believes firmly in press freedom and prides himself in not descending to, in his words, "the low standards of the media space polluted by social media bloggers and uneducated journalists".

Even when the listenership of Uptown FM drops, he stubbornly opts for the straight and narrow way, much to the chagrin of his colleagues and bosses. The tide eventually turns, but not in the direction Tony anticipates. He finds himself thrust into a scandal as he falls in love with Marie, soon-to-be bride of Reginald Mensah, son of the powerful politician Raymond Mensah. With just two weeks to this big society wedding, Raymond goes all out to punish Tony.

The public humiliation for the radio star is deep, forcing him to go under the radar for months. When he emerges, Tony gets a new gig at Radio Pride – where he plots his revenge.

Follow Tony’s fall from grace and his subsequent redemption in Dirty Laundry from 7 November at 9:00pm.

Airing Mondays – Fridays, 8:30pm

The web of lies, betrayal, fraud and murder continues in this series so many have come to love. Honorable Deji Cole’s love life and political career were flying, until his past found a way to stalk his present. Now, he has to make some tough choices to protect his beloved wife, Aseye, and their daughters Banke and Temi.

In a twisted tale of jealousy, frustration, hope and the quest for truth at the highest levels of power, Entrapped drops moral lessons about how one should keep integrity intact today to avoid trouble later. Catch the drama on Mondays to Fridays at 8:30pm.    


Star Connect
Airing Saturdays, 6:00pm

It is not only about the locations chosen for the shoots. It is not only about the sports personalities being interviewed. Heck, it is not only about the production quality – which is very good. But there’s something that makes this sporting travelogue just…tick.

The host, Gary Al-Smith, hops around picturesque European cities, making African sports personalities feel at home to speak about their inspirational life stories, most of which are relatable grass-to-grace stories.

However, each episode of Star Connect manages to be a combination of rigorous questioning (in the seriousness of the well-researched interview questions), glam (in the sheer range of stunning homes and opulence), and Fast & Furious (you don’t often see the new Ford EVOS racing a Lamborghini Veryron on the streets of Accra). And, it’s very well produced.

You don’t want to miss it for all the fufu on a Saturday evening.

Wow, what a month of pleasurable TV viewing November promises to be! Do not miss these engaging offerings Akwaaba Magic Abusua has, all on DStv channel 149 and GOtv channel 101.

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