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Twitter buzzes over new drama on Akwaaba Magic!

29 April 2022
These new shows have kept Twitter abuzz since they premiered this month.
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We strutted into the month of April with thrilling new shows and the return of your favourites on Akwaaba Magic; and of course, every episode has had the Twitter family buzzing with excitement with their fingers busy creating hashtags.

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Dede season two
Dede returned with a bang in the second season as we follow the life of the new Dede competing for the Robertson throne against Michael. Just as the #MiDe fans are coming to terms with the end of this lovely ship, others are excited that Dede has stepped away from the #PaDe and #MiDe drama. Time for a new ship, maybe?

Besides the CEO and ship drama, Twitter has a lot to say about Michael’s relationship with Mansa, Belinda returning as a shadow of herself, Hanson’s new role as a father, Patrick and Mimi’s cringey marriage, a possible Nii Ocansey and Adwoa ship, and loads more drama that hit us in this new season.

The drama continues on Dede every weeknight at 8:00pm. Click to stream on Showmax now.

Regimental Sergeant Major

RSM, which launched on April 12, has kept everyone excited with its refreshing drama as it follows the life of a man who is retired from the military but has his life still revolving around all things military. This comedy drama has people cracking up because the RSM has successfully turned his home into his barracks and has ranks for everyone: his wife is a lance corporal, his daughter a corporal, and his son a private. That’s not all, the living room is called the mess, the bedrooms the bunkers, and so on.

Well, you know what they say: once a soldier, always a soldier, right?

RSM airs every Tuesday at 8:30pm and is available on Showmax. Click here.

Tanko Villa

At Tanko Villa, tenants with different character traits are governed by very simple but hard-to-follow rules that can get them ejected for not living in harmony; but they can't pretend to be what they're not in a house of chaos. Tanko Villa is a comedy centred around the residents of a compound house set up on the outskirts of Accra owned by the Tanko family – this being Mr and Mrs Tanko, and their daughter. Since its launch on April 20, the show has left us thrilled with the tenants in Tanko Villa and their unique personalities. From Prof and his wife, Aunty Connie, a volatile and reactive pair, to the God-fearing Mr Obumpa and his four-month pregnant wife, who's always prone to pregnancy cravings and outbursts, the promiscuous and unemployed Fafa whose flamboyant lifestyle is financed by OB, her jealous and egotist sugar-daddy and finally, Kumi, a bank-teller and Fafa's intimate neighbour.

We already caught some of your faves in Tanko Villa:

Catch Tanko Villa on Sundays at 8:00pm and you can also watch on Showmax.

The ladies of To Have and To Hold are back

…and with so much more drama!

Kamaria is devastated by Kamal’s death and is leaving no stone unturned to make sure Aba recovers from the trauma, in intensive care. This tragedy brings the law buddies together and Akosua feels left out as Kudjoe spends more time at Aba’s side instead of hers. Kuukua, on the other hand, has just escaped death by whiskers and is also recovering quietly at home. Asamoah is MIA and Angelo still believes that he is the father of Kuukua’s unborn child. The incident gives Kuukua time to reconsider her life and her mother uses the opportunity to mend broken bridges with her daughter.

To Have and To Hold season two has only given us one episode since it premiered on April 20, but we already have so much to look forward to and we can sense your excitement too.

Don’t miss it every Wednesday and Thursday at 8:30pm or watch on Showmax here.