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Twists we didn’t see coming this March – Akwaaba Magic

29 March 2023
It’s been a wild month for your favourite shows. Prepare to go down a twisted hole.
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It’s been only three months, but we’ve already witnessed many great moments this year on Akwaaba Magic, including jaw-dropping twists. Here are some of the twists we simply were not prepared for.

WARNING: Spoilers (obviously) ahead if you haven’t already watched the latest episodes of your favourite shows.

Yolanda’s sudden death

Fans of Dede have been trying to navigate the complicated web of relationships in the popular TV series. A few episodes ago, Michael was considering a new relationship with Yolanda, his surrogate, and just when she managed to gain the upper hand in the love triangle by using all the tricks in her blackmail book, the cold hands of death suddenly grabbed her.

In case you missed it: Mansa was not willing to go down without a fight and pushed Yolanda down the stairs, killing her and her unborn child. This shocking turn of events left fans stunned and wondering about the consequences of Mansa's actions. We didn’t have to wonder too long, as MaryAnn’s bravery put Mansa and her mother’s hands in handcuffs, thanks to a recording of Mansa admitting to killing Yolanda.

Meanwhile, Nii Ocansey agreed to undergo a risky surgery but only under one condition: Dede must reveal the truth about her pregnancy to Michael. With Patrick constantly pressuring her to come clean and her strange dreams adding to the tension, we are all on the edge of our seats waiting to see how this storyline will unfold. While Dede was still trying to figure out a way to tell Michael this secret she has literally carried for seven months, Patrick took it upon himself to tell his best friend himself. Which leaves us speculating why he would betray Dede like that. Did he get tired of being trapped in the secret without gaining Dede’s love in the process, or has he suddenly donned a robe of morality?

As the drama continues to unfold and the season comes to an end, fans are left to grapple with the complex relationships and twists. Will Michael choose to stay and mend things with Dede now that he knows she has his child, or will he leave the country and start a new life?

These are just some of the questions we are eagerly waiting to see answered in the upcoming episodes leading to the finale. Don’t miss out on the drama. Join us every weeknight at 8:00pm on Akwaaba Magic.

Also, can we talk about how Belinda has suddenly turned a new leaf while in jail with Joyce. Is she for real this time with her prayers and sudden uprightness, or is Belinda just being, you know, Belinda?

Elom’s mother tears Akua and Elom apart

Love can be a rollercoaster ride, and no one knows this better than Akua and Elom. Their relationship has been tested time and time again; but just when they thought they had overcome all the obstacles, Elom's mother threw a wrench into their plans.

In the latest episode of Accra Medic, Elom's mother accused Akua of being the reason her friends are out of jobs. This accusation put a strain on Akua and Elom's relationship, as Elom's mother refused to accept Akua into their family. But what does this mean for the couple’s future? Will they be able to overcome this hurdle, or will they have to call it quits? Fans of the show are on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the next episode to see what happens.

Keep up with the drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:30pm on Akwaaba Magic.

Prof’s secret: More trouble in the villa

Known for his mischievous behaviour and constant troublemaking, it turns out that Prof had been hiding a secret even bigger than his antics.

The arrival of Feli, Prof's first wife, revealed that he has a type. With both wives wearing identical, hilarious makeup, hairstyles, and outfits, we were left wondering if he had stumbled upon a set of twins or if it was simply a coincidence.

With the addition of the ever-troublesome Auntie Connie, the residents of Tanko Villa now have one more troublemaker to deal with. The emergence of Prof's other wife has left the audience eager to see how the storyline will unfold, bringing more chaos to the villa. Watch it happen every Sunday at 8:00pm on Akwaaba Magic.

Meet Feli

Look out for more drama to come, new shows, and returning seasons on Akwaaba Magic in April. Are you ready?