Dede season 2, Dede, Akwaaba Magic, Dede show

The bittersweet finale: Saying goodbye to Dede

13 April 2023
Oh, dear readers and fans of the beloved Dede series, we've come to the end of the road.
Dede season 2, Dede finale, Dede, Akwaaba Magic, Dede show

Can you believe it? We're all left with a range of emotions as we bid farewell to the show that kept us glued to our screens for two whole years: since the launch of Akwaaba Magic. WOW!

The question on everyone's lips: Is this really the end of Dede? And, of course, who won the trophy girl?

Let's dive right in and talk about the finale. First up, we have Belinda, who just can't seem to shake her pre-destined path of prison time. Even though she tried her best to scheme her way out, the universe had other plans, and she found herself back to kissing prison walls – this time, for accidentally killing her baby daddy. As if that wasn't enough – the universe sure does have a sense of humour – her ex-husband, David Robertson, decided to pay her a surprise visit. Talk about bad luck!

I choose you … or not!

#PaDe shippers were delighted when Dede declared that she chose to be with Patrick forever. However, their happiness was short-lived when Patrick left her a note, revealing that he had secretly recorded her conversation with Michael and knew that her heart still belonged to him. He couldn’t compete with that, especially with a baby in the picture. It was a heart-breaking moment for both Dede and viewers who were rooting for the couple, and it left #MiDe shippers saying a silent prayer for the resurrection of their beloved ship.

What love has joined together, let no Naa put asunder

Moving on to Adwoa and Nii, the couple that proved true love can conquer all – even meddling exes like Naa. Despite Naa's best efforts to break them up, Nii and Adwoa said "I do”, and Naa was left blinded not only by their love, but also by the other maids who had had enough of her lies and schemes. Justice was served, and love prevailed!

And then we have Lovia, who showed up with a rebranded personality and was suddenly named head maid by Rama. What's her deal, you ask? We're left wondering the same thing. And what about Araba? She was the obvious choice for head maid, but Rama had other plans. The mystery deepens! What did she have on Rama? This move surprised everyone.

#PaDe, meant to be?

The finale left us with a cliffhanger as Patrick returned after a long absence, declaring his undying love for Dede, and revealing that he was back for good. #MiDe shippers were ecstatic when Michael and Dede welcomed their baby, but their joy was short-lived when Patrick showed up after being away for a long time. He didn't just come to celebrate the baby's one-month birthday – he came back to get his dream girl. And it looked like he wasn’t leaving anytime soon. It was a moment that excited fans of the #PaDe ship, but it also left us wondering what would happen next.

Shirley Frimpong-Manso's magic on Dede will forever be remembered, and even though the finale left us wanting more, we're grateful for the incredible talents that gave us this hit series on Akwaaba Magic. Thank you, Dede, for the memories. You'll be missed!

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