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Maid to be boss? – Dede

24 April 2022
*Screams in girl power*
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After watching Dede grow from being a maid at the Robertsons to working on major projects at their firm, we speak for the Dede fam when we say we’re super proud of her. We’re eleven episodes in and have no doubt that she will make a good CEO. The question is: is she more deserving of this position than Michael and Patrick?

We wrapped up season one with Dede deciding to leave Patrick to take up the project offer in Axim. Season two opened with Rama Robertson announcing her intention to fully step back from the firm; but first, she had to choose a successor. After successfully executing the project in Axim and setting up a subsidiary firm, Dede returned to the city to lobby for the position of CEO. This upset Michael and Patrick who have been by Rama’s side the past year, building and growing the company to its former glory in Dede’s absence.

Michael thinks that he should naturally be the one to fill his mother’s shoes and be named CEO, but Dede thinks she deserves it too. What do you think?

To give them time to sort out their different power dynamics and play a fair game for this position, Rama has decided to make Patrick interim CEO and we’re thrilled to see how this will play out. Will he let his feelings for Dede cloud his decisions and actions while he’s boss, or will his friendship with Michael stand the test of time?

It only makes this CEO race worse that these two used to be engaged and were (or still are) deeply in love with each other.

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