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Love takes the most complicated shapes in Dede’s life

30 June 2022
Love is a four-letter word, but what happens when it exists between four people?
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You’ve shipped to your heart’s content, and you’ve finally gotten what you wanted: your favourite couple are now together, but what do they do? They ruin every shipper’s moment and get entangled in a messy love triangle out of nowhere.

WARNING: There are some massive spoilers ahead, so if you need to catch up on all the drama on Dede before you continue reading, stream now on Showmax.

No sane person has ever wanted to be part of a love triangle, but for some reason, Cupid has a good sense of humour when it comes to Dede and Michael. We can all agree that it is rather upsetting when someone is unable to settle between two partners, but how then does one balance feelings for an old flame and move on with the new, hot man next door? Walking in Dede’s shoes must really hurt.

It was bad enough having to watch Dede and Michael fall in and out of love, get back together, plan a wedding, then split up in season one. Now in season two, #MiDe shippers painfully get to watch Michael move on with Mansa, while Dede struggles to find love first with William and now, Leslie.

Leslie came into the picture as Osa’s lawyer to fight the Robertsons for a piece of land, but things went from 0 to 100 when feelings rapidly developed and the two went from short kisses to deeper, intimate moments.*Whew* Leslie and Dede, a breath of fresh air for the newly recruited #LeDe shippers, who agreed that it’s about time Dede put her relationship with Michael aside and pursued something new and refreshing.

Just when we thought Dede was finally moving on, Michael confessed that he got together with Mansa to spite Dede for leaving him. This new piece of information got the two crawling back into each other’s arms...literally! Things got pretty intense and “I miss you” hugs quickly turned into kisses and more; and there we have it: a love square has been formed.

With Michael now officially married to Mansa (even though he keeps seeing Dede whenever he kisses his wife) and Leslie telling Dede that he loves her, where does this leave Dede’s complicated love story?

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