Dede season 2, Dede, Akwaaba Magic, Dede show

It’s been a packed December on Akwaaba Magic Abusua!

31 December 2023
Every week has been non-stop entertainment, and there’s more to come!
Dede season 2, Dede, Akwaaba Magic, Dede show

Akwaaba Magic Abusua was packed with so much entertainment that it’s pretty hard to choose what we loved, but let’s give it a go, shall we? From fraud to murder, intricate love webs, timely advise sessions, and enough laughter to fill three mansions, your favourite channel had it all this festive month.

Entrapped is lit

Deji's life and what he does seems intent on jeopardizing his political career. Followers of the show know that the ambitious politician who seems all clean on the surface has some cobwebs in his closet. That bribe he took to keep quiet about the fraud case involving the top government official in Ghana is now beginning to bite. Will his past catch up with is present?

Dede's getting hotter

Don’t allow emotions to get in the way of the job, right? Leslie did not get the memo, apparently. His only job, as Osa’s lawyer, was to well, be a lawyer. Instead, he is adjudicating cases on Dede’s lips and having arguments in dark corners. He’s falling in love, and Dede has to decide if she’s moving on from her ex, Michael. Something about the way the story is going suggests that a comeback in imminent. But with who?

Stay retired, major

Yes, there can be such a thing as too much laughter, and RSM gets close to doing so. We follow the post-retirement life of a Regimental Sergeant Major who cannot let go of his barracks habits. He’s strict, he’s terse and wants things done prim and proper. But with everyone around him not too keen on his rigid tendencies, it sets us up for bags of guffaws all the way through.

AKMA December poll

In Abakosem, where does Agya Appiah hide his money?

The shoes behind his door0%
In his the breast pocket of his old suit0%
Under the carpet in his hall0%

If December has been joyful with Akwaaba Magic Abusua, then January should make our cherished viewers very happy with the surprises in store.

Don't miss out on the excitement! Tune in to Akwaaba Magic Abusua in the coming month and immerse yourself in the captivating narratives, memorable characters, and unexpected twists these shows have to offer. 

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