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Dede is pregnant: Twitter reacts

28 September 2022
Having her married ex-boyfriend’s baby isn’t the life Dede envisioned for herself.
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It all seemed very romantic and exciting when #MiDe fans saw how difficult it was for Dede and Michael to quench their feelings for each other. What will happen now that Mansa is back home, George is in the picture, and Michael is forced to focus on his marriage and surrogacy plan? Dede shocked us with the news that she is carrying her ex-boyfriend Michael’s baby – more so because it just happened to be his wife that revealed the surprise to her. What a twist!

Is Dede being selfish?

Dede has made Patrick take up the role of her baby daddy, which doesn’t seem fair considering that he has plans to make Bella his bride. Now this new arrangement has thrown his plans down the drain. “How is Dede not considering the people she’s hurting with this pregnancy cover-up plan”, the audience has been wondering. On second thought, Patrick accepting this role leaves us wondering if their bond is closer than we thought. Maybe they are soulmates.

Upon finding out the “truth” about Dede and Patrick having a baby together, Michael’s jealousy came running and resulted in a punch to Patrick’s face. This marks the second time their love for Dede made them throw their bromance out the window.

The question is: why is Michael, who is supposed to be happily married to Mansa, upset that his ex-girlfriend is moving on with his best friend? We all know the answer to this, but the #PaDe fans are clearly not having it.

With Mansa having no idea about the truth, the surrogacy arrangement is still on with Yolanda, and Dede is going ahead with having Michael’s baby. It’s safe to say we can start planning a baby shower!

The streets of Twitter are trying to predict what will happen next. Which of these tweets do you agree with?

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