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A deep dive into Dede’s ships – Dede

08 September 2022
There’s nothing like a good love story on TV to get you cheering from your couch – even if it doesn’t end the way you want.
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With five love (and fake) interests, Dede sure is the hottest babe on the block – from almost getting married to Michael and Patrick at different times, to an “almost” ship with William and Leslie, and now a scripted relationship with George, the show grips viewers when it comes to romance, relationships, and friendships.

Two seasons in and the MiDe ship is a fine example of forbidden romance in a TV series. We’ve watched Dede and Michael go from being friends to lovers, almost married to now hiding behind closed doors as secret lovers; and for some reason, we still can’t help but ship them.


However, with George in the picture as Dede’s new love interest – while she works on starting a new life outside of the Robertson’s influence – and Michael trying the surrogacy option with Mansa, is it safe to say that this is the end of the MiDe ship and there’s no turning back?

Let’s talk about Patrick’s second marriage proposal

Patrick and Dede managed to remain good friends and work colleagues after their crashed wedding in season one. Nonetheless, if things had gone accordingly and they moved to Axim together as they planned in the season one finale, perhaps, the PaDe wedding bells would be loudly ringing this time around (and without any intervention from Michael). Feelings don’t just die easily, which is why there was no surprise when he asked Dede to marry him for the second time, to help raise his foster child, Daniel.

We can’t help but wonder what could have been if Dede said yes to his proposal…

Is George the one?

He might not be a real doctor, he might be a fake boyfriend, but we can’t deny that he’s one fine, buff, gentleman who seems like a good fit for Dede. Besides being a perfect acting partner in her new plan, they have good banter and look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of the viewers. Let’s also not deny that he’s the only man that has been able to manage Michael’s tantrums at the men in Dede’s life, as he always has the perfect answers to Michael’s absurd questions, which are clearly birthed from the womb of jealousy. For instance, when Michael asked if he planned on using the money he makes from acting to take care of Dede, he merely replied, “That’s now for me to worry about.” What better way to get Michael to mind his own business, right? Wait until he finds out that his wife orchestrated this for her own little game…

Maybe it’s time to look for a ship name for George and Dede.

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