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A nail-biting season finale – Dede Image : 450
15 unforgettable moments on Dede Image : 449
15 unforgettable moments on DedeAfter 260 drama-packed episodes, we wrapped up the first season with this list of moments that had us on the edge of our seats all year.
Freeing Aryee and Tammy – Dede Image : 444
Freeing Aryee and Tammy – DedeUsing her witch powers, Awero successfully sets Tamara and Aryee free from Andoh’s evil hands.
A black Valentine’s Day at the Robertsons’ – Dede Image : 440
A black Valentine’s Day at the Robertsons’ – DedeThis day of love was met with David meeting Awero, Rama learning about Michael’s cheating case with Dr. Mansa and Jane’s abduction.
A day with the Dede Superfan competition winners – Dede Image : 437
A day with the Dede Superfan competition winners – DedeFollowing the Dede Watch and Win competition winner announcement, the winners were rewarded with a meet and greet with the Dede stars and a fun tour of the Robertson mansion.
A close shave – Dede Image : 434
A close shave – DedeDavid almost finds out the truth after the doctor loosely spills the tea on Belinda’s pregnancy. Michael prepares Rama for the tragedy that may happen after the surgery.
Ziggy uncovers the truth – Dede Image : 430
Ziggy uncovers the truth – DedeAlice and David’s kidnap did not only lead to Ziggy’s arrest, but he also got to find out the truth about his daughter.
Lovia’s return and debut – Dede Image : 421
Lovia’s return and debut – DedeAfter her disappearance from the Robertson mansion, Lovia makes her way back as a maid. Michael is ready to give Rama one of his lungs even if it costs his life and trouble looms for Joyce and Tammy.
Patrick’s alter ego – Dede Image : 417
Patrick’s alter ego – DedeCatching Dede with a listening device planted by Michael in his room, brought out Patrick’s evil side, Tony.
Death nearby – Dede Image : 414
Death nearby – DedeMichael is taken aback by his mother’s relapse leading to a need for a kidney transplant.
Mr Andoh wants Felicity! – Dede Image : 406
Mr Andoh wants Felicity! – DedeAfter failing to lure Tammy into his web of deceit, Mr. Andoh is attracted to Felicity’s greed and moves to her. Mimi and Patrick take their friendship to the next level with a kiss.
Seasons' Greetings from your Akwaaba Magic faves Image : 403
Seasons' Greetings from your Akwaaba Magic favesHappy holidays Akwaaba Magic fam! Watch your favourite Akwaaba Magic stars tell us the best Christmas gifts they've ever received and who they'd love to spend the holidays with.
A cry for help for Patrick – Dede Image : 402
A cry for help for Patrick – DedeHis sudden transition into work and case of memory loss had everyone thinking Patrick was lying, but Dede thinks this might just be a cry for help.
Looking for Michael’s birth mother – Dede Image : 398
Looking for Michael’s birth mother – DedeMichael decides to go in search of his birth mother and Aryee lands himself in trouble bigger than his shoes.
Keep your enemies closer – Dede Image : 393
Keep your enemies closer – DedeThe Robertsons brainstorm on ways to benefit from setting Patrick free and bringing him back into their home. Aryee’s greed gets him into trouble with Mr Andoh.
Intruder alert! – Dede Image : 382
Intruder alert! – DedeAlice finds someone spying on the Robertson’s, and Dr. Gaisie saves Dede from getting caught by the police.
Where is Patrick? – Dede Image : 378
Where is Patrick? – DedeRight after pleading guilty and playing the memory loss card, Patrick goes into hiding.
An exclusive chat with Godwin Namboh – Dede Image : 376
An exclusive chat with Godwin Namboh – DedeIn this one-on-one with Godwin, he tells us his favourite thing about playing Patrick’s multiple personalities on Dede, his best impersonation of Adjetey Anang and why he picked Belinda to kiss, marry and date on the show.
An exclusive chat with Jasmine Boroudi – Dede Image : 375
An exclusive chat with Jasmine Boroudi – DedePlaying Belinda on the set of Dede, Jasmine told us why she would kiss, date, and marry Nii Ocansey, and which character she would have loved to play on the show.
Patrick comes clean – Dede Image : 373
Patrick comes clean – DedeTony confesses his identity as Patrick, just as Michael was pleading guilty, but at a cost.
Michael has been arrested again! – Dede Image : 369
Michael has been arrested again! – DedeAfter finding a murder weapon in his bedroom, the police arrest Michael for being the clear culprit tied to Patrick’s ‘murder’. Mimi refuses to testify against Patrick because she’s in love with him.
It's me, or no one else! – Dede Image : 366
It's me, or no one else! – DedeThe news of Dede and Michael’s wedding has Patrick threatening his best friend’s life, as he’s not ready to give up on the love of his life yet.
Finding Dede – Dede Image : 363
Finding Dede – DedeWith Dede out of the Robertson’s home, it has become a battle of the lovers as Michael and Patrick go looking for her.
An exclusive chat with Dean – Dede exclusives Image : 360
An exclusive chat with Dean – Dede exclusivesPlaying Michael on the series Dede, Dean Louis lets us in on the character he would love to play on the show, his funniest behind-the-scenes moments and for the #MiDe shippers, why he picks Dede to kiss, date or marry.
A nail-biting season finale – Dede

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