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Vote: The best of 2021 awards ceremony

04 December 2021
And the winner is …

Welcome to this fun and engaging Akwaaba Magic (article) awards ceremony, where you get to choose your winners for different categories. Please note that this article has been created for fun purposes only, and there are no rewards attached to it. Well, except, a BIG shoutout on social media to the #Bestof21 winners of these awards. So, make sure to vote well and have fun while at it!

2021 gave us an amazing year with the launch of Akwaaba Magic and the different shows featured on the channel have given us characters we love and stalk, hate, couples we adore, fights that shook our TV screens, characters that dished out fashion tips and lots more. It’s time to appreciate these characters, which is why we’ve come up with this interactive poll, where YOU get to choose your winners.

It's time to vote:

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Award 1

Award winning fight of the year?

Patrick vs Michael (Dede)86%
Malcolm vs Fiifi (Inside Out)14%
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Award 2

Villain we love to hate

Maafio (Inside Out)13%
Belinda (Dede)75%
John (Dede)8%
Winifred (Roses and Daggers)3%
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Award 3

Steamiest kiss of 2021

Dede and Michael (Dede)63%
Fiifi and Sally (Inside Out)10%
Akosua and Kudjoe (To Have and To Hold)28%
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Award 4

Lover boy award goes to...

Michael (Dede79%
Joshua (Roses and Daggers)2%
Kudjoe (To Have and To Hold)12%
Papa Yaw (Inside Out)7%
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Award 5

Mother hen of the year

Rama (Dede)87%
Lucia (Inside Out)5%
Marjorie (Roses and Daggers)4%
Enyonam (To Have and To Hold)5%
Festive Campaign YT Cover
Award 6

This character deserves the long-suffering stick (Non-stop misery and suffering

Soraya (Inside Out)15%
Dede (Dede)72%
Enyonam (To Have and To Hold)10%
Sesi (Roses and Daggers)2%
Festive Campaign YT Cover
Award 7

Rib cracker of the year (funniest character)

Agbo (To Have and To Hold)52%
Felicity (Dede)22%
Lovia (Dede)6%
Tamara (Dede)20%
Festive Campaign YT Cover
Award 8

A father like no other

John (Dede)15%
Nii Tetteh (Inside Out)8%
Nii Ocansey (Dede)77%
Festive Campaign YT Cover
Award 9

Fashion icon of 2021

Kuukua (To Have and To Hold)51%
Lilly (Dede)45%
Valerie (Roses and Daggers)4%
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Award 10

Greediest nose award goes to...

Aryee (Dede)35%
Agbo (To Have and To Hold)41%
Felicity (Dede)22%
Lovia (Dede)3%

Stay locked on our social media pages for the winner announcements and remember to tune in to Akwaaba Magic for the best of local festive entertainment this season. Happy holidays!