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Tony or Patrick? – Dede

07 September 2021
Let’s all bask in this state of shock as we watch the series unfold.
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Remember when Michael and Patrick had that huge fight on Dede’s wedding day, which led to the alleged murder case? While we were helping Dede solve this mystery surrounding Patrick’s death as the police continued hunting for Michael, Patrick appeared, but this time, as Tony.

A new case to solve

Dede bumped into Patrick while leaving the pharmacy and the shock on her face when he acted out to be a totally different being with a whole new girlfriend who turns out to be his wife, was our reaction all through the episode. As these scenes played out, we got to find out that this man who is evidently Patrick, is in fact a blind, married man named Tony who was in town for his eye surgery. Why then is he in Patrick’s body and where did this whole new life come from? So many unanswered questions that only the amazing Shirley F. Manso can keep us yearning for.

Perhaps, it’s not Patrick?

If this isn’t Patrick, then Michael is going to spend so many lonely nights in prison, Dede will be left to run Rama and Patrick’s company at the same time and of course, we will be left wondering when Tony will return back to us as Patrick.

What do you think?

While some people are still left with their jaws dropping at the twist, others are marvelled at the way Godwin Namboh played the role of a blind man perfectly. Let’s have a look at what some of you thought about this episode..

As we await tonight’s drama, tell us what you think.

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Tony or Patrick? - Dede

Who's this man?


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