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More drama for Rama? – Dede

15 April 2021
It’s almost as if there isn’t already enough drama going on for Rama Robertson, now her husband’s side-chick, Chantelle is living with her under the same roof?
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If she could get a dollar for every time John gave her issues, Rama would be swimming in millions by now. From blaming her for Mary Ann’s attitude to staying out late with his lover(s) and now getting Chantelle pregnant? There’s no amount of red wine that can save her from this shocking news. Come to think of it, her name rhymes with drama, but is this the reason for the round-the-clock issues she constantly faces in her home?

Don’t get it twisted, Rama and John were once a happy couple and had taken the cutest pictures when they were not at each other’s throats. Let’s go down that happy memory lane when they served couple goals …

First, the mother-daughter-drama

Speaking about other shades of drama, Rama recently had an altercation with her daughter Mary Ann, which shook the rest of the house, especially the nosy maids. While Rama yelled at Mary Ann for having an on-and-off nasty attitude towards her, her daughter made her understand that they share the same personality. “When you start acting like a mother, I’ll surely treat you like one,” Mary Ann said. No mother deserves to hear those words from their own child, and we can’t imagine how this must have made Rama feel. But Rama is no saint, so do you think Mary Ann was right, though?

Watch this:

Then, more drama came rolling

It’s bad enough having to deal with children that don’t respect you and a husband that clearly doesn’t love you, but having your husband bring in his side-chick into your own home? There’s only so much Rama can bear, and we hope she doesn’t have a mental breakdown soon.

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Rama's drama

Can you predict what steps Rama will take next?

She’ll leave the house13%
She’ll strike back when no one sees it coming31%
She’ll protect the name of the family and accommodate Chantelle56%

Could this be the answer we need?

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