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Moments you may have missed – Dede

29 March 2021
So many moments on Dede that have given our emotions an intense workout – and Ghana can’t stop talking.
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Dede has been generous with the drama-filled storylines; from Dede and her evil stepmother, to all the happenings in the Robertsons household, this is one rollercoaster we don’t want to get off anytime soon.

Here are five standout moments you may have missed:

Felicity’s instant dislike for her stepdaughter

From the second the show began; Dede’s stepmother Felicity has done a terrible job of concealing her hatred for Dede. Recently, Dede came home with brilliant results that were to give her access to a fully funded scholarship. Instead of being a proud stepmother, Felicity made sure Dede’s results were tampered with and tried to trick Nii (Dede’s father) into believing the story that his daughter had performed poorly in school.

Heartbreaking moments

Nii fell ill and was hospitalised and all through that period, Dede helplessly watched on while Felicity went about her evil business. Desperate to have Dede out of the picture, Felicity tricked Dede into taking a job in Accra in order to help raise money for Nii’s hospital stay. Of course, Dede was ready to help her loving father and decided to go ahead with Felicity’s plan.

Nii recovered and upon his arrival at home, he realised that Dede was nowhere to be found. After questioning her absence and not getting answers, Nii decided to go look for Dede himself. He was finally able to put a call through to the Robertsons and spoke to Dede who told him that she was tired of home and had made the decision to move to a better place, which left Nii heartbroken. Unknown to him, Felicity had gone behind his back and had called Dede, giving her instruction to not allow her father to convince her to come back.

A loving father-daughter relationship cut short, just like that. Who else is crying? Just us?

The Robertsons: A family with lots of drama

Rama Robertson’s children seem to all have some major issues; and you know what they say about an apple not falling too far from the tree? Oh, everyone except Michael Robertson who seems to have us all charmed with his cute face, bright smile and kind heart. With Dede now in their house as the latest in-house maid, we get to see the real faces of the Robertsons.

While David Robertson is all about spending the family funds lavishly with his wife, Michael seems to be the only voice of reason in the house, despite being the youngest son. MaryAnn on the other hand is extremely spoilt and is currently Dede’s headache. Do you think Dede will win MaryAnn’s heart over eventually?

Who can forget the other maids; Lovia, Adwoa, Hanson and Araba, who are always part of the big bowl of drama (and comedy) that sits right at the center of the household? We can’t wait to see how things unfold now that Dede has moved in. One thing we know for sure is that Michael wants to help Dede settle in well and has asked the maids not to let her know that he is a Robertson. We wonder why!

Here’s what Twitterville has to say about #Dede.

Lots of love for our A-List stars that have kept us all glued to our screens with their flawless performances. We love to see it!

Many people seem to see a romance brewing between Michael and Dede. Is that where this is going?

Major shout out to the Director!

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