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Lovia: More than a maid – Dede

18 May 2021
From being the resident gossip, flirt, a troublesome and funny maid, we can all agree that Lovia wears many caps in the Robertson’s household.
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By the way, you can’t call her a maid, ever! She always corrects whoever cares to listen and proudly refers to herself as “more than a maid”. After successfully bullying Dede upon the poor girl’s arrival in the ‘mad house’ and flirting with Hanson to make him carry on her dirty work, we can’t help but agree that she sure is more than a maid. Oh, did we mention that Hanson is in love with her, but she is in love with Michael Robertson?

Meet Lovia, Dede’s worst nightmare in the Robertson’s house.


With her sarcastic and funny remarks, the best facial expressions, you can’t help but love Lovia. Let’s look at what some of you had to say about our favourite maid (please don’t tell her we called her that).

You think she’s amusing, and so do we!

We watched Lovia constantly bully Dede for a long time, until one day courage came knocking and Dede put Lovia in her place. Did you watch it? In case you missed it, we got you! Watch the long-awaited moment below:


We also caught the moment one of our all-time favourite artistes, Jane Awindor, a.k.a. Efya, warned Lydia Forson, sorry Lovia on Twitter:

Do you also think Lovia often gets away with bad deeds? How has she managed to smoothly do so without getting caught?

This must be a sign of good luck or something. Dede and Lovia chilling together? Lol!

Now that Dede has moved into the guest house with Rama and Michael Robertson, Lovia has one less thing to worry about as she now battles to win the hearts of her new bosses, Belinda and David Robertson. Will she take Adwoa’s place as the new head maid?

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