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Best of both worlds – Dede

18 July 2021
Dede and Christine WHO?
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If you learnt nothing from Miley Cyrus living a double life in “Hannah Montana”, then be sure to take some notes while watching Dede and learn a thing or two on how to do it, like a pro. Keep reading for more.

The switch

Joyce (Dede’s friend from prison) helped Dede with a massive makeover, which helped her get back into the lives of the Robertson’s as a new employee – but this time, as Christine, the sophisticated fashionista from America. Since then, Dede has been faced with multiple hurdles that come with living with a double identity but how long will she be able to keep this act up? Especially when these hurdles include concealing her love and anger for Michael, keeping up with Christine’s new style, working as Patrick and Michael’s assistant on the same project and dealing with the promiscuous John Robertson.

We can’t deny that Christine constantly tops the fashion game though, thanks to Joyce.

The #PaDe ship

Dede’s journey as Patrick’s assistant started off rough but it’s lovely to see how Patrick battles being a ‘hard guy’ as he tries to conceal his deep feelings for her. They do seem like the perfect match, with their unmatched level of sarcasm, the awkward stares and smiles when Patrick sees her and the amazing work they come up with when they are together. Oh, how could we forget how Patrick stood up for Dede and almost beat up a client who insulted her at a business dinner. There are many members of team #PaDe, are you one of them?

Or are you team #MiDe?
Michael and Dede may have served us some couple goals a few episodes back, but with the hurt, anger, miscommunication, and ego that stand in their way, it’s impossible to picture this ship sailing again. Little wonder why the former believers of this ship are now moving in the other direction, i.e., #PaDe ship. The big question is, will Michael put the pride aside and forgive Dede as easily as he forgave Lilly, or has this ship crashed already?

The voice

Christine’s mission to find out the truth to vindicate herself has been led by a voice that not only calls to give her leading information on things happening at the Robertson but has also decided to remain anonymous.

While many think the person behind this voice is Rama Robertson, we don’t have our facts yet, so all we have to do is keep watching Dede every weeknight at 8:00pm on Akwaaba Magic and streaming all episodes on Showmax, so we don’t miss a beat.

Are you team Christine or team Dede? Who are you rooting for in this mission?

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Dede or Christine

Team Dede or Team Christine?